Energy and the Home

This article details a number of methods that are used to generate energy, mitigate energy costs, and what options could be available in the future. The general idea of personal residential renewable power resources is beating the grid in terms of power, and in cases of emergency when the power grid can go down having… Continue Reading

Raised Bed Gardening

Types of Planters Raised bed gardening is a technique used to separate ground plants like grasses from the fruits and vegetables that we want to grow. It also assists in keeping animals out from messing with your plants, though it won’t stop birds unless more measures are taken. (Mainly netting) Raised beds are great for… Continue Reading


There are many ways to store and make compost, here we’re going to describe some of them. This is going to be Sparrow constructions basic run through on different composting methods. The quickest advice we can give you is to go for a Half and half ratio. “Brown” materials are generally dead and heavy in… Continue Reading

How Can a Bad Chimney Ruin Your Home?

The chimney is one of the most forgotten features of homes. With the constantly improving central heating furnaces, the idea of using a fireplace to heat a home does not often seem logical in the modern world. It’s easy to forget that just like any structure or appliance in your home, it requires maintenance and… Continue Reading

Why Roof Inspections are important to real estate

In Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains, it’s often required when selling a home to have the roof inspected and certified by a professional. The reason for this is that insurance companies for the most part will not insure the roof – and sometimes even the home – if the roof is… Continue Reading

The Critters are Coming!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you have animals in your attic. Aside from the occasional disruptive sounds of scratching and scampering on your roof, there is a real possibility of actual damage caused by these furry invaders. Several kinds of animals can make a way into your attic via your roof. While… Continue Reading

Sparrow Construction Takes Care of DAM Ice

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The family is in town, chestnuts are being roasted, and everyone is waiting the return of St. Nicholas. But during this holiday season, a wintery grinch is waiting and plotting to steal away your peace and ruin your home. While everyone knows about the crazy ice,… Continue Reading

Winter Worries

It’s the beginning of the winter season in Oklahoma, and while the festivities are getting underway, if one isn’t careful a Grinch in the form of a catastrophe is waiting to steal away the cheer and ruin your plans. After a bad ice storm, you’ve probably watched the news and seen roofs caved in by… Continue Reading

Sparrow Construction: Oklahoma’s Experts on Leaking Roofs

With the recent heat wave Oklahoma just experienced and with August upon us, leaking roofs are not on the forefront of homeowners’ minds. However, sometimes the intense heat can be more detrimental and cause more leaks in a roof than a storm can. What makes heat damage so tricky is that it can cause a leak… Continue Reading